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ABSA Presents The American Vote: Jurists, Lobbying, and Revolution

  • February 23, 2024

The Rutgers University Ahlul-Bayt Student Association cordially your presence at its biggest and final event of the semester, The American Vote: Jurists, Lobbying, and Revolution, at the Rutgers Student Center Multipurpose Room on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 7:00 PM. Our speakers, including the world renowned scholar, Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, and New Jersey Congressional candidate, Alex Law, will discuss the necessity of political engagement throughout history. The significance of political representation, especially in the religion of Islam, as well as the impact of lobbying in order to reform and revolutionize society will be analyzed in detail by our esteemed speakers.

In an era of misinformation and falsehood, with the media spewing hatred and deceit, it is vital for us, as members of society seeking the greater good, to be informed of the decisions we make. Throughout history, the role of politics and government is evident in books of tradition and even the Holy Qur’an:

O you who believe! Obey God and obey the Messenger and those vested with authority from among you.
[The Holy Qur’an, 4:59]

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On the contrary, what is the fate of a nation when those in power are concerned with self-serving profit at the cost of society or encouraging violence and prejudice in the pursuit of personal power? When people are ignoring the real issues like corruption, greed, murder, poverty, education and are instead talking about building a multi-billion dollar wall to separate us from our neighbors because they’re supposedly a country comprised of killers and rapists, or proposing surveillance of U.S. Muslims, are we really making America great again or are we running our country into the ground? We pride ourselves as being the greatest nation in the world but instead the whole world is laughing at us. So, it’s about time that we, the general public, rise up and do something to change that. The early 7th century brought with it the greatest revolutionary leader of all time. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and his successor, Imam Ali (a.s), engaged in governing the people of Medina. With paradigms as such, it is essential for us to learn from historical examples and understand the gravity of the responsibility of politicians. Dr. Nakshawani will discuss the historical relevance of political activism and how it pertains to us, as voters in America, today.

Due to hundreds of years of corruption, it has become a common idea to dismiss politicians as immoral and self-serving. And even today, it’s not hard to see why. When we have politicians, who claim that all people of certain races or religions are threats to society simply for existing, leading in the polls, it makes sense that people feel politics are inherently corrupt. However, we must realize that the impurity lies not in the concept itself. Politics are by definition, “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area.” There is nothing inherently evil about the term. It is our duty as people in the body being governed to make ourselves heard to fight the evil. We must hold unscrupulous politicians accountable for their actions. We must commit fully to educating ourselves in order to save our country from falling into the hands of men and women who stand for nothing, but personal gain.

Politics is not a subject only for the old and optimistic. There is a widespread rumor that individual votes of young people do not matter. Alex Law, a Democratic Congressional candidate, will be coming to our event to tell you why that’s not true. A native of Southern New Jersey, Law will be running in the Democratic Primary to win back politics for the people. He stands for moving away from New Jersey political corruption by big companies and towards a government that is truly democratic and benefits the people.

The program will include voter registration and informative packets on the 2016 Presidential Elections. We encourage each of you to make an informed decision before voting. The fate of the nation is in our hands, so each and every educated vote counts. #ToVoteOrNotToVote

Dinner will also be served, Insha’Allah! Event parking is available in Lots 26, 30 & the College Avenue Deck.

The dress code is formal attire.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or message us on our Facebook page.

Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani
Sayed Ammar Nakshawani is a professor and serves as the Imam Ali Chair of Shia studies at Hartford Seminary, the oldest seminary in the United States, and is the first ever academic chair in the United States devoted to the study of Shi’ism. Nakshawani is a British Iraqi Islamic historian, lecturer, and author. He is listed as one of The 500 Most Influential Muslims, and is the youngest person on the list at the age of 32. Nakshawani is additionally known for his inter- and intra- faith unity efforts, and has met with a plethora of faith leaders to further these objectives. For more information, please visit

Alex Law
A bright young leader from Southern New Jersey who is a voice for anti-corruption and innovative economic development, Alex Law is challenging Congressman Donald Norcross in the Democratic Primary. In Alex’s community, a political machine run by the Norcross family has stifled opportunity for far too long. Alex is running in this election to give his community the kind of honest leadership it deserves and to inspire all generations of Democrats through his creative ideas and unshakable passion for progressive values.

Alex will use his experience as a strategy consultant at IBM, his knowledge as a 4th generation Collingswood Democrat, and his finance education from NYU Stern to champion the community. When Alex brings his innovative ideas and passion to Washington D.C., he will be the youngest Congressman in the United States of America.
Alex’s vision for politics starts first and foremost with grassroots engagement. He firmly believes that politics should always be about people, which is why his team has already knocked on over 30,000 doors. Alex believes that this election will be won at front doors, farmers markets and train-stops, having conversations with people one vote at a time. If you get involved in the campaign, that’s exactly the kind of work you’ll be doing. For more information, please visit

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